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The Show

The most exciting Scottish-Irish musical dance show!

Cornamusa takes their audience through 2 hours of the fascinating world of Irish Dance, the spirituality of the Scottish Highlands and an exciting world of Celtic fantasies -- a captivating show for all.

The "World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance" combines traditional Irish and Scottish music as well as high-quality Irish step dance with a wide range of modern styles. The repertoire of the live band ranges from classical five-part vocals to folkloric tunes -- bagpipes, violins and a thin whistle to engaging rock music -- highlighting the powerful sounds generated by an electric guitar, keyboards and drums.

Gyula Glaser, who is celebrated for his success as a three-time European champion at Off-Broadway New York, working alongside Nicole Ohnesorge, who has received several international awards and offers top-quality Irish tap dance art.

An elaborate set design, authentic costumes and perfect choreography provide the framework for the visual effects that drives the show. Using state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, and fascinating video projections make this 2-hour multimedia event a unique and moving experience for Highlanders, music lovers and friends of the emotional concert culture.

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