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Our Team

-- A Line-Up of Europe's Best --
Including Award Winning and Renowned Musical and Dance Professionals!

Creativ Director
and Musician

Peter began playing the guitar at the age of ten.  He quickly became a top performer at musical arrangement seminars at a very young age.  As a chapel conductor Peter added to his repertoire by learning the saxophone, clarinet, bass and bagpipes.  Since the age of fifteen Peter has been touring on many international stages and was the original Founder of Cornamusa.  In 2007, joined by the musicians of the Ensemble he won the Music Award “Best Live Music” in his home country with Cornamusa.  As creative director and producer, In 2013, Peter realized his dream of a Scottish-Irish music dance show named “CORNAMUSA – World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance” together with his co-producer Torsten Bähring.  He recreates his own compositions year after year, pairing them with Irish Dance and the Spirit of the Scottish Highlands which are integrated into the show.  On stage Peter plays bagpipes, acoustic guitar, as well as presenting and singing.

Executive Producer
and Musican

Torsten was born and raised in the Thuringian Woods region of central Germany. At the age of 7 he started learning to play the french horn and played it for several years in in his hometown’s music orchestra.  Torsten always aspired to play multiple and different instruments – and did everything possible to learn whatever he could.  During his musical career he worked with a diverse group of bands and musical formations, extending his skills at various instruments like the Guitar, Irish Whistle, Piano and ultimately – different types of Bagpipes.  Singing instructions were also part of his musical education.  Torsten played on many international stages, giving him the experiences necessary to successfully co-produce the “CORNAMUSA Show, World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance“ in 2012.  CORNAMUSA is Torsten’s purpose in life and with dedication he takes on every new season as a songwriter, tour manager – and on stage as a singer and piper.


A Berlin-born dancer, Nicole began ballet lessons at the age of five and ten years later changed to American tap dancing, studying with numerous internationally renown instructors, including Brenda Bufalino, Andreas Dänel and Sam Weber.

In 2000, Nicole started Irish dance training, competing nationally and internationally. She held second in the European and third in the World Championships (WIDA).
Nicole danced as a soloist in the show Flames of the Dance, and in 2010 joined Magic of the Dance.


For Cornamusa as dance choreographers and principal dancers to create the show World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance. Since then the show has toured numerous European countries and enjoying ongoing success.

A Budapest-born Hungarian dancer, Gyula studied with Ronan Morgan (Lord of the Dance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground), becoming triple European Champion and qualifying for the Irish Dance World Championships (CLRG).  He is known for his attention to musical detail in dance and the dancer/choreographer is also a respected teacher conducting master-classes throughout Europe.
Gyula danced in some of Hungary’s most distinguished artistic institutions, including the Hungarian State Opera House and the Palace of Arts in Budapest. In 2010 he joined the critically acclaimed show Magic of the Dance, where in 2015 Glaser made his role debut in the leading part of the “Devil”.
Gyula joined Nicole Ohnesorge in 2011 to establish the Irish Beats Dance Company and that same year, they joined for  Cornamusa as dance choreographers and principal dancers to create the show World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance.

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